Monday, April 27, 2015

Girl Power!

Oh man. I was just getting back into the blogging groove and enjoying it when life intervened. When you are juggling the precarious balance of working full-time and parenting full-time, it only takes one little thing to tip the scales unfavorably! So, on the very favorable side of things, my mom and I took a blissful but far too short trip to South Florida for my sister-in-law's baby shower. I had an awesome time and loved seeing my brother and SIL, but I couldn't shake that nagging feeling that something was going to go wrong at home while I was away. Sure enough, while I was basking in this:

and eating ice cream for lunch...


the dreaded winter tummy bug invaded my house. It started with wee little Cole, who hardly seemed phased by it, except to pause and toss his cookies every now and then. By the day I arrived home, already none too pleased at returning to sub-zero temps and knee-high snow, it took out Jake and my husband. Worst welcome home ever! After that, I just couldn't get it together for weeks! I was behind in grocery shopping and meal planning, and spring cleaning and the list goes on...

ANYWAY, I am pleased to announce that in the whirlwind of boys that make up my life, we have finally welcomed some little ladies into the mix! We had talked about how wonderful it would be to have "homegrown" eggs for a long time. We easily go through 2 dozen in a week! So when our fabulous and oh-so-generous neighbors offered us their coop set-up as they transition out of backyard chickening, we jumped at the opportunity. We did our research and decided on Buff Orpington hens for our little flock. Their gentle, tolerant nature appealed to us, and they are reported to be great egg layers with great personalities. Jake named most of them - Crystal (why? Because "it's a good name." Remind me not to let him choose baby names, ever!), Fuzzy, Rosie, Daisy, Marigold, and Buffy.



For divas, they sure do poop a lot ;) They're currently residing in the warm glow of a heat lamp (not unlike South Florida!) in their cozy chick condo in our basement. Jake is completely enamored with them. Every morning he jumps out of bed, puts his slippers on and goes downstairs to say "good morning, gwirls!" and every night he holds each one before he goes to bed, turns out the basement light and says "good night, gwirls, I love you!" I die <3