Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tractor Love

Apparently, love of all things with wheels is genetic. Hubs has a deep and abiding love of anything with a motor (he would want me to insert here that he especially loves German cars and diesel trucks), and ever since he was old enough to notice, Sweets has seemed to share that love. The first "noise" he learned to make was his bbbbbbbb motor noise, and now he enthusiastically points at all cars, trucks, tractors, buses, lawn mowers and construction equipment and lets out a resounding bbbbbbbbbbbb.  He loves going for a ride on Daddy or Grandpa's riding mower (with the blades off of course), and he was nearly out of his mind with excitement when a car vs. deer accident in front of our house resulted in a slew of firetrucks and police cars. Yes, he is a little baby motorhead.

Here he is on the riding mower with Grandpa G while I was in DC last weekend. So cute I can't stand it.

So imagine the hullabaloo at our house this weekend when Hubs borrowed a John Deere loader to do some yard work. Sweets was beside himself. Needless to say, he went for multiple tractor rides and even though I couldn't hear him as they drove all over our lawn, I could see his little lips going bbbbbbbbbb the entire time!

He was so absorbed in everything around him I could NOT get him to look at the camera. 

Daddy let him "steer" for a bit.

Big tractor, little boy!

Someone else had a grand old time this weekend as well. Our nutty German Shepherd spent all day frolicking in the yard and was a muddy, stinky (but doggone happy) disaster. So he had to spend a couple of hours in the basement drying off. He was none too happy about this situation, as you can see:

Yep, that's him with his head shoved through the cat door because he couldn't stand to miss a minute of the action upstairs. He's a kook.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Girls' Weekend in Pictures

Last weekend was a big one for this mama - I took my very first weekend trip away from Sweetie Pea, leaving him in the very capable hands of both sets of grandparents, great grandma, and Hubs. I was nervous, I'll freely admit it. I'd never been away from him for more than a night, and never more than a 30 minute drive away. But now that I've done it and everyone survived, I have to say, it was exactly what I needed! I flew (and then took every form of public transportation known to man) to Washington DC for my BFF's 30th birthday party. She threw an amazing prom-themed bash, and the best part was that she thought I couldn't make it, and I totally surprised her when I showed up to her salon appointment on Saturday afternoon. It pretty much rocked ;) The entire deception was made possible by my other BFF and cousin M, who also lives in the city and is also friends with the birthday girl. It was awesome to spend time with them, and to party like a young, trendy, childless person for a weekend. Don't get me wrong, I'd never trade motherhood for anything, but the mini-vacation was so refreshing!

Prom day began with an afternoon at the salon getting beautified.
That's the bday girl, C, on the left, and M on the right. 

Then there was some guiltless carbo-loading and card-writing...

...followed by dinner at a delish Greek restaurant.

And then the main event! C had reserved the upstairs of a club in Dupont Circle, and spent hours on the decorations, refreshments, and party playlist. End result = fabulous!

We took millions of cheesy prom photos ;)

People from other parties were totally crashing because C's prom was so much fun!

This was the last time I looked at a clock on Sunday morning. 
Let's just say my early flight home a few hours later was not so much fun.

Love you ladies, thanks for a fantastic time!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Shower Notes

Is it wrong that this is a legitimate form of communication in our house? ;-)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

Today marks one year since my brother and sister-in-law got married in a picture-perfect tropical ceremony. They put so much thought and effort into planning their special day, and I think I speak for everyone who was there when I say it was awe.some. Congrats, you guys, we love you and are thinking of you today!!!

And they lived happily ever after.......

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What a difference a year makes

So, the other part of our rockin' holiday weekend was that my brother and sis-in-law were visiting from their home in sunny Florida and they got to log some quality time with Sweets and us (though not enough - boo ;). About this time last year, they were also visiting for my SIL's bridal shower, and Sweets was a teeny newborn. And being the sentimental schmuck that I am, I was all overwhelmed with the difference between last year's visit when they met their nephew for the first time, and this one, wherein that same nephew is a like a big, grown man who's nearly ready to go to college. See?

4 weeks old, with Uncle K

14 months old, with Uncle K and his current favorite book, The Very Hungry Caterpiller. I could recite this book in my sleep at this point.

With Auntie L and Uncle K as a floppy little newborn...

...and 1 year later as a squirmy toddler. It took many attempts to get this shot, which may explain why I look like a weirdo trying to smile and wrangle my kid at the same time.

Uncle K and Auntie L, we miss you!!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

A Step Back in Time

What an awesome holiday weekend we had. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, if not a little on the warm side for October around here. I'm going to have to tackle the awesome-sauce that made up our weekend one post at a time, and first up is our day at a living history museum not too far from our house. We spent Saturday there with Hubs' mom, dad, and grandma and it rocked our socks. Seriously, we had so much fun. Prepare for photo overload.

Sweets was fascinated by the farm animals.

There were a couple of adorable Jersey cows grazing in this pasture.

Patting a sheep. He truly was mezmerized.

"What does the sheep say?"

More fascination.

The source of the fascination!

Hubs and Sweets taking in the 3 Rs in the one room schoolhouse.

OMG, such a big boy.

Gorgeous scenery everywhere we looked. We didn't even have enough time to hit all the historic homes and buildings. Definitely need a trip back to see the rest!

Our little hayseed :)

I love, love, love fall!

This kid is all motion, all the time now. He would have walked that whole museum if we let him!

This guy playing a gourd guitar was like the Pied Piper for Sweets. He ran right to him and stood there watching for the longest time. He kept wanting to go back, even after we had moved on.

Playing in the leaves.

Our new house...kidding. (But I wish!)

Playing tag on the lawn of our new house.

Climbing the big hill with grandma.

Playing around with the macro-mode on my camera.

It was a truly spectacular day! Hope you had some fun this weekend, too!

Friday, October 7, 2011

4 Years Ago Today

Hubs and I tied the knot on a splendid autumn afternoon, among all of our family and friends. It was the second-best day of our lives (you think nothing can top your wedding day, until the day you see your child's face for the first time. Talk about moments that take your breath away!).

I wish I could get away with wearing my wedding gown on a weekly basis. 
Man I loved that dress.

Exchanging vows.

The day could not have been more perfect!

Every last person in our (rather large) wedding party means the world to us.

The only thing I ended up eating on my wedding day was 
champagne and cake. I don't recommend that.

Then we rocked an amazing Aruban honeymoon.

Ahhh, Aruba, with your white sand beaches and candlelit, oceanside dinners.
When will we see you again?