Monday, October 10, 2011

A Step Back in Time

What an awesome holiday weekend we had. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, if not a little on the warm side for October around here. I'm going to have to tackle the awesome-sauce that made up our weekend one post at a time, and first up is our day at a living history museum not too far from our house. We spent Saturday there with Hubs' mom, dad, and grandma and it rocked our socks. Seriously, we had so much fun. Prepare for photo overload.

Sweets was fascinated by the farm animals.

There were a couple of adorable Jersey cows grazing in this pasture.

Patting a sheep. He truly was mezmerized.

"What does the sheep say?"

More fascination.

The source of the fascination!

Hubs and Sweets taking in the 3 Rs in the one room schoolhouse.

OMG, such a big boy.

Gorgeous scenery everywhere we looked. We didn't even have enough time to hit all the historic homes and buildings. Definitely need a trip back to see the rest!

Our little hayseed :)

I love, love, love fall!

This kid is all motion, all the time now. He would have walked that whole museum if we let him!

This guy playing a gourd guitar was like the Pied Piper for Sweets. He ran right to him and stood there watching for the longest time. He kept wanting to go back, even after we had moved on.

Playing in the leaves.

Our new house...kidding. (But I wish!)

Playing tag on the lawn of our new house.

Climbing the big hill with grandma.

Playing around with the macro-mode on my camera.

It was a truly spectacular day! Hope you had some fun this weekend, too!

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