Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tractor Love

Apparently, love of all things with wheels is genetic. Hubs has a deep and abiding love of anything with a motor (he would want me to insert here that he especially loves German cars and diesel trucks), and ever since he was old enough to notice, Sweets has seemed to share that love. The first "noise" he learned to make was his bbbbbbbb motor noise, and now he enthusiastically points at all cars, trucks, tractors, buses, lawn mowers and construction equipment and lets out a resounding bbbbbbbbbbbb.  He loves going for a ride on Daddy or Grandpa's riding mower (with the blades off of course), and he was nearly out of his mind with excitement when a car vs. deer accident in front of our house resulted in a slew of firetrucks and police cars. Yes, he is a little baby motorhead.

Here he is on the riding mower with Grandpa G while I was in DC last weekend. So cute I can't stand it.

So imagine the hullabaloo at our house this weekend when Hubs borrowed a John Deere loader to do some yard work. Sweets was beside himself. Needless to say, he went for multiple tractor rides and even though I couldn't hear him as they drove all over our lawn, I could see his little lips going bbbbbbbbbb the entire time!

He was so absorbed in everything around him I could NOT get him to look at the camera. 

Daddy let him "steer" for a bit.

Big tractor, little boy!

Someone else had a grand old time this weekend as well. Our nutty German Shepherd spent all day frolicking in the yard and was a muddy, stinky (but doggone happy) disaster. So he had to spend a couple of hours in the basement drying off. He was none too happy about this situation, as you can see:

Yep, that's him with his head shoved through the cat door because he couldn't stand to miss a minute of the action upstairs. He's a kook.


  1. That last picture of your pup is HYSTERICAL! Seth thinks it looks like his head is mounted on the wall. Sweets is pretty gosh darn cute is his bear hat!

  2. the tractor love around here has turned into full blown obsession. quite scary! love all the pics and yes the last one made me do a double take! LOL.