Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Girls' Weekend in Pictures

Last weekend was a big one for this mama - I took my very first weekend trip away from Sweetie Pea, leaving him in the very capable hands of both sets of grandparents, great grandma, and Hubs. I was nervous, I'll freely admit it. I'd never been away from him for more than a night, and never more than a 30 minute drive away. But now that I've done it and everyone survived, I have to say, it was exactly what I needed! I flew (and then took every form of public transportation known to man) to Washington DC for my BFF's 30th birthday party. She threw an amazing prom-themed bash, and the best part was that she thought I couldn't make it, and I totally surprised her when I showed up to her salon appointment on Saturday afternoon. It pretty much rocked ;) The entire deception was made possible by my other BFF and cousin M, who also lives in the city and is also friends with the birthday girl. It was awesome to spend time with them, and to party like a young, trendy, childless person for a weekend. Don't get me wrong, I'd never trade motherhood for anything, but the mini-vacation was so refreshing!

Prom day began with an afternoon at the salon getting beautified.
That's the bday girl, C, on the left, and M on the right. 

Then there was some guiltless carbo-loading and card-writing...

...followed by dinner at a delish Greek restaurant.

And then the main event! C had reserved the upstairs of a club in Dupont Circle, and spent hours on the decorations, refreshments, and party playlist. End result = fabulous!

We took millions of cheesy prom photos ;)

People from other parties were totally crashing because C's prom was so much fun!

This was the last time I looked at a clock on Sunday morning. 
Let's just say my early flight home a few hours later was not so much fun.

Love you ladies, thanks for a fantastic time!

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