Friday, November 25, 2011

Turkey Day Recap

What a busy week it's been! Thankfully I didn't host Thanksgiving (and will gracefully be able to avoid that task for the duration of time that we live in this tiny house) but there always seems to be holiday prep, doesn't there? For me, it's mostly been starting my Christmas shopping and getting ready to decorate the house. Last year I was like a walking zombie at Christmas time. I had just gone back to work after maternity leave and my kid was sleeping like .007637 minutes a night. I managed to get up a few measley decorations, but we didn't put up a tree, and I was so unenthused about shopping. So my goal is to make up for it this year, now that Sweets is at a super fun age for Christmas (and we've got the sleep and working mom thing mostly figured out).

BUT, before all things Christmas come all things Turkey. Here's a little review of our Turkey Day with Hubs' family:

The day started with Tom the Blue Heron paying us a visit. He comes around periodically to hunt frogs in our creek, and he is so named because one day Sweets and I were watching him out the window and I asked him what the heron's name was and Sweets said "Tom!" I suspect this was because Thomas the Train was on TV at the time ;) Tom is awesome, we love it when he stops by!

Then we headed over to GiGi's house (Hubs' grandma) for the day. How grown-up does Sweetie Pea look in his baby argyle? I could squish him he looked so cute.

While the ladies worked in the kitchen, Sweets mingled with the menfolk and read some books with Uncle B.

And then...the moment I had been waiting for! Sweetie Pea's first Thanksgiving dinner! I had visions of him cramming his little mouth with turkey and mashed potatoes and maybe even cranberry sauce. And what do you think he ate? This?

Ha ha ha. No.

He ate this:

Yeah, turkey dinner FAIL. He wouldn't touch any of it. Oh well. Maybe next year.

And then we shook off our turkey comas to take this family picture in honor of Hubs' amazing cousin E, who was home for the holiday on leave from the United States Naval Academy. Go E!

Sweets was already in bed. He had a big day!

Onward to Christmas - I can't wait!

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