Friday, May 4, 2012

A little redecorating...

Welcome to the new and improved, and girlier, I might add, "Me & The Boys!" I've been working hard this week on the new design, and I'm so pleased with it. My previous design was called "frogs were made for a little boy's pockets," and while I loved it, I recently decided it was too busy and lacked cohesion. So I started dreaming up something a bit different!

When it came right down it to, I wanted something that represented me more accurately. Yes, I do live in a house with a bunch of boys (when you count the animals, too ;). Yes, I spend a lot of time playing in the dirt with my boys, cleaning dirty fingernails, and reading tractor books. But still and all, I'm a girl's girl. I like pink. I love flowers. And shoes. And this blog is my space, so I wanted it to reflect my personality. And the final product totally does, from the greige colored background (oh greige, how I love thee!) covered in vintage cabbage roses - I'm a freak for vintage stuff, or I as I like to say, I love old crap - to the pink accents, to the shoe header. Ahhh, I feel at home already. I hope you enjoy it too!

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