Wednesday, January 9, 2013


There's this thing I do. I get totally hooked on a subject and I can't stop reading about it. The first time I remember this happening was in grade school when we learned about the Titanic. That one lasted a good long while (and truthfully, it's still kind of hanging around ;). The last known literary obsession on record occurred shortly after graduating from my master's program, when I devoured anything and everything about the Tudors of England for a good two years. Since I had a child, I haven't had much time for anything to catch my interest to that degree (besides raising said child of course).

Enter the Kennedys.

I stumbled upon this latest infatuation completely by accident. Hubs and I were cruising Netflix, desperately seeking something decent to watch, and we happened to find this miniseries from 2011. Intrigued, we watched the first episode and were promptly hooked. Am I the only one who didn't know how fascinating this family is? Seriously, you can't write fiction this interesting! So naturally, I followed  the miniseries up in quick succession with this:

Riveting. (Thanks Dad, for sharing!)
and shortly, this:

Can't wait to crack it open, though I guess I should use "crack" loosely, since it's an ebook.
And then a little light reading to get me through the winter doldrums:

Combine those with this:

....ahhh, the best thing about winter!  

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