Thursday, February 6, 2014

Cole's Favorite Things: Newborn Edition

How, how, can it be that my brand new baby is already a month old? Slow down, time! He has changed so much in the last four weeks, and it must be obvious, because my three year old said to me this week "isn't Baby Cole getting so big, Mommy?" Yes, yes, sweetie he is. Now excuse me while I try not to let you see me cry (because then you'll ask me a million and one questions about why I'm crying and I don't have it in me to explain postpartum hormones to you).

At a month old, Cole is still a man with simple wants. Give him a snuggle and a boob and he's a pretty happy fellow (this is true of most men, no?). But there are a few other things he finds pretty special, so in honor of his one month birthday, here they are:

The Summer Infant Swaddlepod. Words cannot express what a wonderful invention this is. Like his big brother, Cole is not a fan of the swaddle wraps that pin his arms to his sides. But like most newborns, he has zero control over his little arms and will startle himself awake faster than you can say "moro reflex." The Swaddlepod is made of a snug-fitting, stretchy cotton blend that allows him to move his arms around inside and get all comfy, but prevents him from waving his arms aimlessly or startling. My only complaint is that it only comes in one size - newborn. After Jake outgrew it, we moved on to the Woombie, which is exactly the same idea at three times the price. Slightly annoying, but I personally will shell out big bucks if it brings us good sleep.

It turns out that newborn Cole and newborn Jake have quite a bit in common. They both also refuse every pacifier but the big, ugly, hospital grade Soothie. I should add that Cole actually has a love-hate relationship with the Soothie. When he needs to suck, and you offer it to him, he chomps down on it with a look on his face that says "Oh, Bink, I love you, please don't ever leave me." 7 seconds later when it falls out, he gets so angry he silent cries, followed by ear-splitting screams of outrage that Bink did, in fact, leave him. When you replace it for him, he's instantly in love again, but when it inevitably falls out again, he's a hater. Rinse and repeat. 47 times. 

The Baby K'Tan wrap. This thing has been a lifesaver. I think if Cole had his way, he would spend the entire day snuggled up in here, snoozing away next to Mama. It is the only way I accomplish anything during his fussy time, which (not so) conveniently coincides with the dinner hour. There are times I put him in it and want him to stay awake for a little while, but alas, he is powerless against the warmth, the snugness and the smell of Mommy and he conks out every.time. One more word on the K'Tan - while cruising Google for an image of it for this post, I came across this:

Because my husband frequently takes our son for a walk shirtless and wearing a baby carrier. 

And last but certainly not least, Big Brother. I could watch Cole watching Jake all day. He clearly is the most fascinating thing in this house to Cole. I would be willing to bet that his first smile will go to Jake. When I hear Jake chattering to "Colie Bug" or see Cole kicking enthusiastically in response to Jake's voice, I wonder how I ever worried that they wouldn't love each other!

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