Sunday, December 11, 2011

Motherhood Rocks

I seriously wish I could hit pause on life right now. Sweets is at the best age! He's so funny, so cute, so full of personality, and he learns something new every day, it seems. Right now he is obsessed with belly buttons. He loves to pull his shirt up and inspect his own, and he likes comparing his to ours (not as fun when we're out in public. I have actually said the phrase "no, no, Mommy's belly button is sleeping." Ha!). He has the most random vocabulary that includes "cheese," "star," "juice," "ball," "oh no," and of course "mama" and "da-duh." If I ask him if he loves his mama, he yells "mama!" If we say "are you the cutest boy?" he nods yes very emphatically. I want to hug him all day every day.

There is nothing I don't love about being a mother. That may sound crazy, I know. Did I like being up 3/4 of the night, every night when he wasn't sleeping? No, I didn't like it, but I always love holding my sweet-smelling, sleepy baby, no matter what time it is. Will I like it when he gets that dreaded first tummy bug? Defintely not, but I will love making him feel better in that way only mommies can. Do I enjoy swishing poopy cloth diapers in the toilet? Not particularly, but I love those special conversations we have at diaper changing time. If circumstances allowed, I would have a dozen babies. Things being what they are though, I suspect I'll have to settle for less ;) Even having said that, I have to dismiss all the "so when are you going to have another baby?" questions I get frequently with a wave of my hand. Can't even think about it right now, because things are too easy and too fun!  

Two of his favorite things: a toy with wheels and Elmo!

First trip to the library!

He's such a big boy he can climb up into this chair all by himself!

I seriously cannot stop buying Christmas presents for this little man. Every time I say I'm done, I find something else for him. There's nothing better than buying presents for your baby!

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