Sunday, September 16, 2012

Gone, baby, gone

In the last two weeks, my sweet baby has blossomed into a little boy. He is so grown up all of a sudden! He potty trained and started sleeping in his big boy bed, and now every time we look at him, all we see is an energetic, independent, funny, smart-as-a-whip, chatterbox of a little man. Gone are his baby influences and habits, the days of rocking in his rocking chair, and singing songs before bed. I'm scared to turn around these days, lest I find him heading off to kindergarten! And I know I say this at every.single.age but this one REALLY is the best ;) He is just so much fun to be with! See Exhibits A - D, below (and pardon the low quality ipad photos - it's a trade off, because it takes such quick pictures, and Sweets is awfully hard to photograph these days!):

Here's our little potty trainer in his race car boxer briefs. At his two year check-up the doctor asked if he was showing any interest in the potty, and I said yes, but not consistently so. She told me that there is a potty training window of opportunity at age two, and if you don't catch it, the window closes until at least three or so. She suggested pushing the issue a bit, so I did and it turns out she was dead on (for us, anyway) because he picked it up in no time! Today he even started peeing standing up - nothing says big boy quite like that! And this cloth-diapering mama hasn't touched poop in like two weeks. AWE.SOME.

This is the day we set up Sweets' big boy bed. It's a loft with a dresser and a slide-out desk underneath and he loves it. This photo is blurry because he was bouncing and bouncing while exclaiming "I love this big boy bed!" We are in the process of transforming the entire room from a nursey into something more suited to his tastes now. It's not totally done, but it's coming along beautifully and I will definitely post pictures when it's complete.

Ready for Opening Day...well, maybe not quite. Sweets and Hubs were on their way outside for an after-dinner tractor ride and they looked too cute in their matching camo sweatshirts not to take their picture! 

Do you see what I mean??? This kid looks about 8 years old, what the heck? 

Now, I'd be lying if I said that the Terrible Twos don't make an occasional appearance (example: "Hey sweetie, do you want apples or grapes with your lunch?" "NONONONONONONONONONO! ::throws self on floor wailing::), but on the whole, two has been terrific! What is it about having kids that makes the years go by so fast? And has anyone figured out how to slow them down?

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