Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Frog Posse

Oh, the frogs that are amassing at our house! Sweets has a *little* frog obsession. Meet the frog that started it all:

This little guy is known as Froggie Augie and he is Sweetie Pea's BFF. He was a baby gift when Sweets was born and we couldn't have known at the time how he would inspire our son's love of all things green and croaky. Froggie Augie is a member of our family, and he pretty much goes everywhere and does everything with Sweets. I secretly love how he always smells like baby spit. Is that weird? 

From one frog, many. I also not-so-secretly loathe stuffed animals. Let's be honest, they take over your house! But, it seems I (and many others) are far from immune to Sweets' frog-loving personality because we now share our home with nine amphibious friends. From left to right:
A. Hopping Frog
B. Cuddly Frog
C. Camo Frog
D. Taggy Frog
E. Sparkly Frog
F. Jumping Jack Frog
G. Talking Frog
H. Silky Frog
I. Puffy Frog

Sweets named each and every one. Original, no?

  Oh, this poor frog. Do you see him, clutched belly-up in my son's death grip? This photo was taken last summer, and was Sweets' first encounter with a real frog. Hubs found him while mowing the lawn and was so excited to show Sweets, who instantly wanted to hold him. Before we could utter the phrase "be gentle!" he snatched him out of Hubs' hand, much to my chagrin, germaphobe that I am. I don't think he cared for the fact that real frogs are cold and slimy, not warm and fuzzy, because a split second later he tossed him into the little pond they're standing in front of. Rough day to be a frog.

This frog-holding session went much better for the frog. Back in January we had a brief thaw and Hubs found this frog near the woodpile, sluggish and a bit out of his element. Turns out a tired frog is perfecting for holding, because he just sat there like a, well, like a frog on a log while Sweets admired him. 

Nothing says little boy quite like a frog obsession ;)   

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