Thursday, April 12, 2012

Big News!

No, I'm not pregnant, like the rest of the blogosphere. Still too traumatized from not sleeping for a year, and just plain enjoying Sweets too much :) This may not be as exciting for you, dear reader, as it is for me, but..........................


Since my first trip to Disney at the age of 8, I have been hooked on Disney magic. It is definitely my happy place. I remember seeing people with very young babies or children there (you know, the ones that look like they're not feeling the magic somuch) and thinking they were nuts. Hubs and I said we wouldn't take our kids until they were plenty old enough to remember it, but then I found out that I'm being sent to the Advanced Placement conference in Orlando in July, and well, that changed the game a bit. We could never afford to take a Disney vacation if we had to foot the entire bill right now. But my airfare, meals, and room at the Disney Dolphin are all covered, plus the park tickets are discounted as well. We'll never be able to do Disney any cheaper, ever again. Sweets will fly for free (barely - he'll turn two like a week after we get back) and kids under three eat and get into the parks free at Disney. And we're totally not going to be those parents that drag their overwhelmed and under-napped toddler to 4 parks in a row. We're planning to go down a couple of days early and do Magic Kingdom only. Then, while I'm at the conference during the day, Hubs and Sweets can take advantage of the amazing hotel amenities (the grotto pool and white sand beach anyone?) and we can all do the Boardwalk and Downtown Disney in the late afternoon/early evening. I'm crossing my fingers we'll be able to see my brother and SIL while we're there too - a trip to Florida would not be complete without them.

 I'm totally psyched. I can't wait to see Disney through my son's eyes. He is going to have such an amazing time! But I'm nervous too. The last time we traveled with Sweets he was like two months old and so very portable. Now? Constant motion. How is that plane ride going to go? If you have tips, I need them!

Circa 2006


  1. that's so awesome how you are turning a work trip [in the summer, hello DRAG] into a family vacation! it will be so fun! p.s. i laughed about the traumatized about not sleeping a year. i have other dozens of other reasons on my list too on why i'm not pregnant again but "my 20 month old still doesn't sleep through the night" is definitely in the top 5! :)