Friday, April 6, 2012

Hoppy Easter!

Like Christmas, I am looking forward to celebrating Easter with Sweetie Pea this year, because unlike last year, I'm not half dead really overwhelmed. I didn't do an Easter basket for him last year because he was too little to get it, but I had a blast putting together his basket this year! I filled it with things he's really into right now:

a. (for Abby Cadabby, Sweets' new love ;) - Abby and Elmo notepads for doodling, and Sesame Street and Thomas stickers. Oh, how Sweets adores stickers! He calls them "sticters" and if you give him one, expect total obsession with it until it's no longer sticky and in a million pieces.

b. (for books) - Two Easter books, Ed's Egg and The Bunny Hop. Hoping these give us some respite from Go Dog, Go! 

c. (for coloring) - Sweets is really getting into coloring, but there are a couple of problems with this: he likes to color on everything, toddler-style, and he eats crayons like French fries. Enter the Crayola Color Wonder markers that ONLY color on the Crayola Color Wonder paper. Too bad it won't stop him from tasting them...

d. (for duck) - no Easter basket is complete without an Easter friend!

e. (for edibles) - Sweets' beloved Fruit and Veggie melts (aka "dots") and Reese's pieces. Now, I am admittedly super anal about what I feed my kid, but what's Easter without a little candy?

f. (for fun!) - Sweets is obsessed with yellow construction machines at the moment. He knows them pretty much by name - digger, roller, crane, dump truck, etc. I know he'll love these!

And now, allow me to be "that" mom who does embarassing things to her kid to entertain others. While at Target the other day, I spotted these adorable bunny ears and tried to take a picture of Sweets wearing them. He was NOT having it!

Notice, if you will, that in one picture the ears are pink. That's because I didn't know there were any green ones until a kind Target employee spotted me and said "he's going to hate you forever if you make him wear pink ears," and handed me a green pair. Nice, but I think he might hate me anyway ;) Also notice that the shape of his mouth is pretty much the same in all the pictures. That's because he was saying "nooooo!" while ripping the offensive ears off his head. Needless to say, we didn't purchase them.

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter!

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