Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It's the little things

I think Sweets had the thrill of his young life yesterday at the supermarket. Our store has a limited number of these race car shopping carts, and every time I take him with me, I look eagerly for one, but they're always in use. Yesterday, we finally hit the shopping cart jackpot:

To say he was excited was an understatement. And yes, he insisted on bringing his new duck and his lovie in with him, which made me disinfect the entire cart with a sanitizing wipe :::shudder::: Anyway, all through the store, Sweets was full of "bbbbbbbs!" and directives of "more driving!" For the first time ever, he did not want to leave!

Dear Wegmans,

More race car carts please.



  1. those car shopping carts are LIFE SAVERS!! my child wont sit in a shopping car the tradional way so shopping is a nightmare. i strategically only go to stores that have them now! lol. glad sweets had so much fun!

  2. How cute!! I agree with the shuddering thought of germs but it's fun to see them have so much fun and makes it a whole lot easier on you!

  3. Yes, those race cars make life easier in many regards, but man are they a beast to maneuver through a crowded store! ;)