Thursday, June 28, 2012

Taking Cloth Diapering on the Road

In less than a month, we leave on our trip to Orlando - to 5 days and 4 nights at the Disney Dolphin Resort. Despite my reservations about plane travel with a toddler whose favorite word is "NOooooo!" I am looking forward to the change of scenery and the little getaway. Disney is my happy place!

Being the compulsive planner that I am, I've been keeping lists of things to pick up, items that need to be addressed, and just general travel-related to-dos. Initially, I put disposable diapers on my list. And they sat there on the paper for awhile, looking at me. Weeks went by and I didn't purchase any. And then I realized, I didn't want to buy disposables, I wanted to travel with cloth. Do you think I'm crazy? Hear me out.

I've been nothing but satisfied since switching to cloth diapers almost a year ago. I feel totally liberated, not having to purchase and throw away 'sposies every month, so I figured there was no reason I had to do so on vacation. Enter the hybrid diaper system. These diapers are composed of an outer cover into which you place a disposable insert that can be flushed or tossed. Then you just stick a new insert in, provided the shell isn't soiled. These are perfect for me, since I already own a bunch of the outer shells (up to now I've only used them over our fitted diapers). And? The disposable inserts are cheaper than disposable diapers, as well as easier to pack - score! Any covers that get dirty during the day can simply be rinsed out and hung to dry in the hotel room. I did have to purchase a few odds and ends to make traveling in cloth go as well as possible, but at least my purchases will hold their value and I can continue using them until Sweets' potty trains.

I currently have 7 diaper covers in my arsenal.

Left to Right: Weehuggers (Whales and Owls), Blueberry (Lemon Lime and Messy Hands), Flip (top, in Sweet), Thirsties (bottom, Blackbird), and GroVia (Planes)

Today, the UPS man brought me 2 packages of Flip Disposable inserts, 1 additional Flip cover (the color is called Mirror and I love it), and 1 package of six Osocozy birdseye flats. 

Another cloth diapering mama somewhere on the internet recommended the flats in addition to the inserts, and I never would have thought of it myself. Flats are a very thin, gauzy, but rather large piece of fabric that you can fold a bunch of different ways and put in a cover. Their advantage is that they are 100% cotton (super absorbant and breathable - a winning combo), and you can wash them and hang them to dry in no time. They'll be handy to have around both on the trip and when we get back! Can't wait to try all these goodies out and report back!

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