Saturday, July 7, 2012

4th of July Photo Dump!

It sounds silly, but I'm always a little sad when the 4th of July is over. As a school counselor, I work right up until the 4th getting my kids set for summer school, reviewing transcripts, closing up shop, etc. So Independence Day for me means the official start of summer, and as soon as it's over, I can feel September creeping up on me.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves, shall we? Here's our holiday in pictures:

I know, Sweets' eyes are closed. We tried this shot a number of times and this was the best of the bunch (seeing as the others involved him picking his nose or looking like he was flicking the camera off).

My BFF/Cousin M was in town for the week from DC. We had a rockin' good time :)

Baby's first Sno-Cone! I let him eat this BEFORE lunch. How laid back am I?
(hahahahaha, if you know me, you know I am not laid back at.all)

Well, well, well. Look what my son found. This kid has tractor radar!

Parade + sun + running around = napping in the car. This never happens, and we should have left him there with the AC on because the attempted transfer to a crib did not go well and he ended up running on that 10 minute power nap all day.

Despite the lack of sleep, Sweets was full of funny energy! 
This picture is totally going in his senior year yearbook.

Last stop: the ice cream shack, where Sweets really, really, REALLY enjoyed his kiddie twist!

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  1. cute pictures! especially sweets on the tractor. :) our car / bed transfers never go well either so normally we just leave the car run and waste the gas. LOL.