Monday, July 16, 2012

See Ya Bye!

As of tomorrow, this family is officially on vacation (well, total vacation for 2 of us anyway. One of us has a conference to attend)! This is what it takes to get two adults and a toddler to Orlando and back:

I was determined not to check more than 1 bag, since I find the checked baggage fees absolutely ludicrous, and I did it - I crammed everything into one large suitcase. Of course, we'll also be toting Hubs' duffel bag, my rolling carry-on, my shoulder bag, the diaper bag, and Sweets' little backpack. Ohandprobablyalso - our spare car seat. This was a last minute decision based solely on the fact that the airline has decided to have pity on those of us brave enough to travel with little ones and allow us to check car seats for free. We are not renting a car, but my brother and sister-in-law are coming up to meet us on Friday and we'd like the freedom to travel outside the Disney bubble we'll have lived in for 3 days. So, these pack mules are off to catch some zzzzzzzs for our day of travel tomorrow. Wish us luck!

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