Friday, July 13, 2012

Prepping for blast-off!

Just 4 days until we leave on an "airpain" for our Disney getaway! I'm getting very excited, and definitely entering insane preparation mode. You know all those lists I said I was keeping back in my post about cloth diapering on the road?  I think I've purchased pretty much everything we'll need, and perhaps some things we won't, but I'm one of those people who would prefer to be overprepared rather than underly so. Is underly a word?

Anyway, here are some of my travel purchases:

I love my Vera Bradley diaper bag, but I didn't want to travel with it for fear of it getting lost or ruined. So I grabbed that JJ Cole on close-out from - it will be great for travel because it comes with stroller straps and the outside is laminated for easy wipe-downs (like after it's been set on the floor of a public restroom - ew!). I also nabbed a cute little Cars backback for Sweets to haul some of his own stuff through the airport and he looks totally adorable wearing it. OMG. Also pictured are a set of Mickey Take n' Toss cups, a Munchkin toddler sports bottle, a travel sound machine (we've learned the hard way that Sweets sleeps best with his ocean sounds on), and a pack each of disposable placemats and disposable bibs.

My bag of tricks for the plane! I scoured the Dollar Store, Party City, and the dollar racks at various stores to come up with a sizeable stash of toys and activities that Sweets has never seen before. On the advice of other well-prepared mamas, we wrapped each one so that it would take up as many minutes as possible to play with. Hopefully this tides us over for our 2 1/2 hour flight (and maybe even gets us home)!

I abhor character clothing. But what trip to Disney is complete without a Mickey shirt? I spied an Etsy seller who made these adorable tanks for kids with a simple Mickey logo, but she was selling them for $25! No thanks. So I made my own, to the tune of about seven bucks. And since I had fabric left over, I made one for me as well. Hey, Disney brings out the kid in all of us ;)

I found a Garanimals plain tank top (and man, those are not easy to find!) and used fuseable webbing to iron Mickey on in a fun polka dot print. Then I used black fabric paint to secure the edges so they wouldn't fray. Can't wait to see him in it!

For my shirt, I just made a few rolled fabric flowers, stiched the smaller ones to the larger one, and then tacked it onto a red tank. I'm really pleased with how it turned out!

And lastly, my bargain Craigslist find. I love, love, love our Chicco travel system stroller, but like my Vera diaper bag, didn't want to subject it to the hazards of air travel. And I wanted something lighter and smaller for use on the many shuttle buses we'll be encountering along the way. One day while cruising Craigslist I found this: the Graco Mickey Mouse in the House lightweight stroller. Um, a Mickey stroller for our trip to Mickeyland? I couldn't text the seller fast enough. This stroller retails for about $120, and she sold it to me for twenty bucks! 

Not pictured are the copious amounts of snacks that I've been stocking up on to get us through the plane ride, the waiting in lines, the "I'm-hungry-and-I-need-to-eat-NOW" moments we're sure to encounter. That goes for me as well as Sweets - I'm not so pleasant when I'm hungry. 

What have I forgotten? Tell me now!

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