Tuesday, September 10, 2013

23 Weeks

How far along? 
23 weeks

How big is baby? 
About the size of a large mango and just over a pound!

Total weight gain?
Up 10 pounds total

Maternity clothes?
 Is this question really necessary anymore?

Improving, slowly but surely

Best moment of the week?
First day of preschool for my little man!

Food cravings?
 Still on a fresh peach kick. Made a pan of peach crisp that is to die for!

Food aversions?

 Still having random Braxton Hicks - nothing regular and they're not increasing in any way. I remember when I was pregnant with Sweets my midwife said I had an "irritable uterus," which I find hilarious, because my uterus apparently has a personality just like me ;)

 Sometimes I feel a big, rolling movement and wonder if there's a gymnastic event happening in there. At our ultrasound baby was head up, so just a gentle reminder, baby, at some point you do need to flip over...

 Oh man, I still don't have an inkling. But thanks to my friend M we are having lots of fun perusing "The Baby Name Wizard" and starting to feel like we actually might generate a name for our second offspring ;)

What I’m looking forward to?
Maybe someday in the near future feeling like I'm in command of my work life again

What I miss?
Working part-time

Weekly Wisdom?
Working moms: the Crockpot is your friend

My belly button is looking awfully shallow these days...could it be getting ready to pop out?

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