Monday, September 16, 2013

24 Weeks

How far along? 
24 weeks

How big is baby? 
About the size of a large ear of corn and over a pound

Total weight gain?
Up 11 1/2 pounds total

Maternity clothes?
 Yes, and I've changed my mind about maternity pants. They annoy me.

Negative. Sweets has been sick and that always destroys sleep in our house.

Best moment of the week?
We had a great time at the Purple Foot Festival with GaGa and PaPa this weekend - Sweets and I hit up the cheese table more than once, being that I couldn't do any sampling of the vino!

Food cravings?
 Nothing in particular this week

Food aversions?

 Nothing too major this week. Some heartburn after eating my beloved Mexican food. Ever-decreasing bladder control. Distressing.

 Big time. The kicks, rolls and squirms are visible from the outside very frequently now. So awesome, and yet so alien-esque.

 I purchased some coming-home-from-the-hospital outfits last weekend - two boy and two girl. They are so, SO tiny!

What I’m looking forward to?
 Sweets getting well and the return of a full night's sleep

What I miss?

Weekly Wisdom?
Sweets: "What color are mine eyes?"
Me: "Your eyes are brown."
Sweets: "What color are your eyes?"
Me: "My eyes are green. What color do you think baby brother or baby sister's eyes are going to be?"
Sweets: "Both!"
There you have it people, the next Gregor Mendel ;)

Viability! At 24 weeks, baby is considered by most medical personnel to be viable outside the womb, not that I would ever want that to happen!

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