Wednesday, September 4, 2013

22 Weeks

How far along? 
22 weeks. I've come to realize I am in total denial about having another baby. I know I'm pregnant, and I'm loving it, but actually giving birth to and being responsible for another human...yeah, not there yet. Guess I better work on that ;)

How big is baby? 
About the size of a spaghetti squash - nearly a pound now!

Total weight gain?
Up 9 1/2 pounds total

Maternity clothes?
 Is this question really neccessary anymore?

Wretched, but not for pregnancy-related reasons

Best moment of the week?
Anatomy scan last Thursday! It's so amazing to see a tiny person inhabiting your body

Food cravings?
 Fresh peaches - they are so delicious right now!

Food aversions?

 Super annoying heart palpitations - and yes, mom, I asked my midwife about them. She said they're normal. Also, my belly is getting itchy and my old friends Braxton Hicks contractions have arrived. I had tons of them with Sweets.

 Loving it!

 Yes, it was a little hard to tell the ultrasound tech that we didn't want to know the sex. But she gave us ample warning when to stop looking at the screen, and Hubs' didn't even peek.

What I’m looking forward to?
The weekend. Please God, let this week be over.

What I miss?
Summer :(

Weekly Wisdom?
I got nothin' this week. Sorry.

Seeing sweet Baby G in real time

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