Thursday, November 21, 2013

33 Weeks

How far along? 
33 weeks!

How big is baby? 
The size of a pineapple and weighing in at over 4 lbs

Total weight gain?
I was up 17 pounds at my midwife appointment today

Maternity clothes?
 Uh, yeah. And some are getting a wee bit snug.


Best moment of the week?
I scored an amazing deal on the twin bed I'm going to put in the nursery. Not only did I talk down the price, I got it delivered and unloaded to boot!

Food cravings?
 Nothing to write home about...unlike my preggo friend N and her intense and immediate need for fast food...she'll show ya how to have a craving! ;-)

Labor Signs?

Oh, a little of everything these days. 

Punches, rolls, kicks, a Richard Simmons workout...who knows what's going on in there!

Still a wonderful mystery :) 

What I’m looking forward to?
A week or two without illness in our's getting out of control. After Hubs and I picked up Sweets' cold last week, mine turned into a sinus infection, ear infection and eye infection, and Hubs' is a viral thing plus eye infection that just won't die. My parents are still in recovery mode too. I am seriously hating on preschool right now. On the flip side, Uncle K and Auntie L are coming for Thanksgiving next week - yay!

What I miss?
A house with no germs in it. For serious. And a good night's sleep...oh, how I miss you, my friend.

Weekly Wisdom?
You know your waddle must be legit when three people in one day comment on it

Scheduled my last two-week appointment today...then it's down to an appointment every week until D-Day! Yikes!

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