Sunday, May 15, 2011

Weekend Recap

I hate Sunday nights. The whole weekend is behind me and there’s five long workdays until the next one. Lunches to pack and laundry to fold…ug. Instead of dwelling on it, let’s review our fun but soggy weekend. It started with sleep for everyone. Sweetie Pea slept through the night TWICE in a row, until 7:45 am, no less! This is what a well-rested little boy looks like:  

Good times. Saturday was a day of pampering for my mom and me and it was bliss. She treated us to Mother's Day pedicures and then we had haircuts and lunch together. Sweets was with Hubs the whole day and you know I love my kid to bits but it was really nice not to have to worry about planning the day around his naps, or whether he would be in a good mood. Don't get me wrong, I still worried about his naps, and his meals, and whether Hubs picked out an outfit for him that matched but in the end, everything was fine and I came home totally revitalized. Saturday we also celebrated Mother's Day with Hubs' family. It was kind of rainy and cool out but we still had fun grilling and chilling on the porch:

With Grandma G

With GiGi (Great Grandma G)

Sunday we went to church in the morning and it was awesome. We always have a hard time motivating ourselves to get out the door to service (hey, don't judge. It's a lot of work with a baby) but once we're there we're always happy we went. Our church has a nursing mother's room with gliding rockers and a flat screen TV to watch the service, plus a changing station and some toys, which makes life so much easier. Hubs had plans to work in the yard but it was pouring rain all day. So we had lunch together instead. Sweets' new favorite thing is sharing. It's A.DORABLE.

Want a Cheerio, Daddy?

Then Sweets and I made a grocery store run. I love taking him shopping with me. He is so much fun! We chat about colors and shapes and he charms the old ladies and the cashier. 

Ready to brave the elements

I swear he was having fun

Do you come here often?

I totally thought those shopping cart covers were a gimmick until I had a baby. I was all "really? who uses those?" Well, let me tell you. The first time you see your sweet baby's mouth headed for the Ebola-infested shopping cart handle, you will want to pull out your cell phone and thank the person who bought it off your registry. 

We rounded out the day with me attempting to work on my grad class (snooze), while Hubs chased Sweets around. The two of them were having quite the time chasing the pets, and it was really entertaining, which *may* have been the reason I only got one chapter finished...

I also had dinner this weekend with my grad school girls and it was awesome! It was before the weather tanked, so we sat outside and had a delicious meal, drinks and girl talk. I love that in addition to staying friends since graduation, we're colleagues in education as well; three of us work in local school districts and one at a local university. Can't wait for our next ladies night! 

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