Monday, January 30, 2012

All In a Row

Sweetie Pea has always had a thing for "organizing" his stuff (he is his mother's son, after all ;). He likes grouping things together, stacking items on top of one another, and most of all, he loves lining things up. He takes his lining up of things very seriously, too. If you watch him, he concentrates really hard, and he wants things in a very specific order. Heaven help you if you mess with his system. Meltdown city.

Here he is at work:

An organized little boy has been here!

Check out that face - he is seriously contemplating his next move.

This is a photo from my sitter's phone, accompanied by the following explanation: he lined up all the cars and then said "oh, stuck!" Guess it's morning rush hour!

I find it so fascinating to watch his personality unfold. Does it mean anything significant that he loves to line things up?


  1. I first noticed it on Christmas Eve with his wooden puzzle pieces. Will be interested to hear if it has significant meaning. Grandma misses Sweetie Pea desperately! XOXOXO

  2. That is too cute!! Love the bath picture.