Monday, January 16, 2012

Winter Fun

What a kooky winter it's been around here. For the most part it's been mild and dry, but this week we did get a dose of normal January weather for our neck of the woods. I had forgotten what a pain freezing temps and inches of snow can be - it takes forever to get out the door after bundling everyone up! Boo, so annoying. But, you have to make the best of it!

The house was toasty warm thanks to our woodstove, so Sweets was running around in his diaper and Hubs' hat and he looked over-the-top adorable.

That's a Blueberry deluxe pocket diaper, in case you wondered, and it is awe.some. Clearly Sweets thinks that cheese stick is awesome too.

First time sledding! He had no idea what to make of the experience. He gave us no signs of enjoying it, but every time he got to the bottom of the hill, he would point right back to the top.

See? Does that look like the face of a child who's having fun?

This would have been a cute picture if I wasn't looking like a dorkity dork dork.

With Pa-Pa...this was as close as we got to a smile (but I think it's more like "Hey Mama I'm frickin' freezing, would you take the stupid picture     already?")

Then we all went inside to celebrate Grandpa's birthday with lasagna and key lime pie. Oh, and the yummiest martinis EVer. Thank you, Bonefish Grill, for making your Winter White martini a matter of public record ;) Sweets was a total pie mooch. He'd get a bite from Pa-Pa, and then point at Ga-Ga...

...and get another bite! He rarely gets dessert so he was lovin' life.

Today I was off for MLK Day, and Sweets slept in until 8:00 am!!! And then he took a wait for it, wait for it...2 hour nap! We hung out in our warm and cozy house, baked cookies and had a fun playdate with our friends J and Baby B. Now that's a great day :)

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