Friday, January 20, 2012

Dear Walmart,

Bad news. I'm breaking up with you. I know, I know. I used to love you. But then this interaction occurred today:

Cashier: Hm. That's weird. The system won't scan your bottle returns. Sorry about that. (Hands them back to me.)
Me: Um, could you look into that, maybe?
Cashier: (Sigh.) Oh, it's because they're from a different Walmart. We can't take them at this store.
Me: Really?
Cashier: (Chews gum, blank stare.)
Me: Ok well, could you ask your manager? Because I'd really rather not go all the way back to the other store to use these.
Manager: Yeah, you can't use these here. They're from a different store.
Me: Could you override that, please?
Manager: No. If I were to do that, this store wouldn't get credit for that three dollars and eighty-three cents.
Me: But this isn't about three dollars and eighty-three cents. It's about customer service.
Manager and Cashier: (Blank stares.)
Me: Fine. I'm sure Walmart won't survive without this three dollars and eighty-three cents. Thanks for your help.

So Wally, I guess you've shown your true colors. And I guess I get what I pay for. I thought we had a good thing going on, but apparently I was wrong. This is about principle, my old friend. I don't need you anyway. We're getting a Super Target.


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