Sunday, October 28, 2012

Combine Day

The title of this post is a bit misleading, since there ended up being no combines involved. But for weeks, we've referred to Saturday as Combine Day, since a friend of Hubs' with a huge farm had promised Sweets a ride in a combine during harvest season. He's been talking about it for weeks: "Gonna ride in a combine with Daddy! Gonna be so exciting!" but sadly upon arrival, he found out that the combines weren't running because of the wet nasty weather. But despite the yucka doo doo day, we had a great time down on the farm anyway, mostly because we loved watching Sweetie Pea in his element. He was not bothered by the cold rain one bit!

Sweets must have been excited about the day because he woke up at 5:45 am. Ug. That necessitated a coffee stop for mommy and daddy on the way out. He got a donut hole and life was good.

Then we made a quick stop at Tractor Supply for some rubber boots for Sweets. He was in desperate need of a pair, but we *may* have gotten a little sidetracked...

...there we go! Now he was ready to brave the rain and mud (and the rodeo too, should we happen upon one ;)

No combines, but he was lucky enough to get a ride in this big Cat crawler. See him up there in the little jump seat? 

He got the biggest kick out of splashing through every mud puddle in sight and yelling "this is awesome!" at the top of his lungs. See that little tractor in his hand? He picked that out at Tractor Supply and it's an exact replica of...

...this John Deere crop sprayer!

Big boy driving a big tractor.

Yes, I am wearing camo. It doesn't happen often ;)

Then it was over to GiGi's house to dry off and warm up. And what could be warmer and cozier than your GiGi teaching you how to play "Row, Row, Row your boat?"

I think Sweets agrees - look at that grin!

By comparison, today was much more low key (read: boring). It was a miserable rainy day, with no end in sight. We all watched a lot more TV than is normal for us, and I ran out to get some supplies for the monster storm headed our way. Should be an interesting week!


  1. I love it! He is the cutest little boy. And, for the record, you look great in camo!

  2. My son will enjoy this blogpost! :)