Monday, May 20, 2013

7 Weeks

How far along? 
7 weeks. I have a blump ;-)

How big is baby? 
The size of a blueberry! Poppyseed to blueberry in 3 weeks - crazy!

Total weight gain?

Maternity clothes?
 The belly band has made a couple of appearances this week, but mostly I am just sticking to empire waist tops and dresses.

Not bad. Better after relegating the cat to the basement every night because his yowling was just getting out of hand. And I will not be woken up by a cat.

Best moment of the week?
Getting our vegetable garden planted - looking forward to homegrown veggies this summer! 

Food cravings?
 Taco salad

Food aversions?
 Still lunch meat, and I also find that many things are not appealing to me at the moment that I attempt to eat them. I'll eat a bite of something, and then I'm done because it's just not what I want.

 Sooooooo tired! And if I get hungry, I definitely feel nauseous. Bras are fitting a little snugger too - that's not the worst thing ;)

 I've read that baby's little paddle arms are flicking back and forth but of course I'm not feeling it!

 Pink or blue, either will do!

What I’m looking forward to?
 Just a week until my first appointment with my midwife!

What I miss?

Weekly Wisdom?
 If you are going to ride with your boss to a meeting, put something in your stomach first so you don't spend the whole ride willing yourself not to barf in her car.

Halfway through the first tri, does that count?

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