Saturday, September 3, 2011

New Year, New Digs

Being an educator means that I look at a calendar year as September to August, instead of January to December. The day before school starts is my New Year's Eve, only instead of champagne and Dick Clark, it's packing lunch and an early bedtime. This year, I am super excited to start my year at a new school in my district, and along with that comes a new office. If you've been reading my blog for any length of time, you know I am totally into details. That goes for my decorative style as well. I believe that it's the little things that make a space inviting, and if my office isn't a place I would want to spend time, my students won't either.

I honestly feel like I won the office jackpot in my new building - it was a dream to decorate and the space is wonderful! I think space is very important :)

Here it is freshly painted before I moved in. Ya, it's huge. 
My first thought was "how am I going to fill all this space?"

Didn't take me long to figure it out ;) 

I'm pretty in love with pennant banners like the one I made for 
Sweetie Pea's birthday.
I think this one adds a festive flair to my office 
(and obviously you can read all the letters in real life).

Ah,  neat and tidy in the beginning of the year. 
I have to make an effort to keep them that way!

A close-up of my desk area. I found that table between the chairs on the side of the road, slapped a coat of paint on it, and now I LOVE it. A few throw rugs, pillows and potted plants do wonders to make the space inviting.

A little inspiration :)

I've always loved Maya Angelou's work, but this poem is particularly meaningful to me. I hope my students think so too!

Though it is hard to transition back to working full-time after such a wonderful summer with Sweets, I do like the routine of the school year. And, I love autumn. There is something special about back to school time!


  1. Your office looks great! I've been thinking about making one of those pennant banners for my craft room. I love that your pup always looks like he's smiling for pictures!

  2. love your new office!!! just realized i dont exactly know much about your job!!! tell us more!

  3. Thanks! I highly recommend the pennant banners - they are super easy and festive! I don't even sew mine (because I SUCK at sewing ;), just a dab of Fray Block and I'm good to go.

    basebell - I am a high school counselor in a large, urban school district. My students come from the inner-city and are extremely diverse - in fact, some have just moved to this country! In addition to academic planning and scheduling, I work with them on social/emotional issues, anger management, getting along with others, grief and loss, and preparing for life after high school, among other things. It always keeps me on my toes!