Sunday, September 4, 2011


Sweets is definitely going through a peek-a-boo phase right now. We play about 47 games of peek-a-boo a day, and his favorite way to play it is to crawl behind a curtain (any curtain will do, including shower curtains) and sit very still while we say "where's Sweets? I can't find him! Sweeeeetie! Where arrrrrrrre you?" Then he busts out from behind the curtain grinning from ear to ear like he just played the most clever trick on us, his oh-so-naive parents. It cracks us up because he totally thinks that just because he's sitting behind the curtain he's invisible. If you peek behind the curtain you'll find him sitting with his little hands crossed, staring at the ground and smiling this sly, secret smile. It is SO.CUTE. Here's the photographic proof:

"Ha ha, Mommy doesn't even know I'm here!"

"She is in for the shock of her life!" 
(for the 18th time today)

"Peek-a-boo Mommy! Look how clever I am!"

"I bet you're surprised!"

"Want to play again? You can't resist this face!"

It's the little things, friends :)

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