Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Walking Man

You'll have to forgive me in advance. Because I'm about to be one of those moms who blabbers on about how advanced her child is, how talented, and how special. In the first year of his life, Sweets has hit a lot of milestones. Some have been fairly mundane (gaining neck control), some have been kinda gross (belly button stump falling off), and some have changed my life (sleeping through the night). But none have thrilled, thrilled, thrilled me as much as seeing him learn to walk. Seriously, my heart is busting open with pride every time he takes a wobbly baby step. And if this is how I feel now, omg, how am I going to feel when he graduates from kindergarten? Or high school? Or med school? Or wins the Nobel Prize? Or gets elected President? But perhaps I am getting ahead of myself ;) Check out my big walking man. Such raw athleticism. Such talent. He is definitely going to the Olympics.


  1. Cute! I particularly enjoy the Stacy Squealing :)

  2. Hey, I told you I was proud ;)