Thursday, February 9, 2012

{Fluffy February} Happy Heinys

Ok, Fluffy February post #2! Today I'm highlighting the Happy Heinys pocket diaper, which happens to make up the majority of our stash. They come both sized and one-size - we have all one-size diapers, which means they are designed to fit a baby from birth to potty training. How, you might ask? Well, through the miracle of rise adjustment! Behold:

Those snaps on the front of the diaper make it possible to adjust the size of the diaper and get a perfect fit, no matter how small or large your munchkin is. This is definitely the most generously-sized brand of diapers we have, and I am confident they will fit Sweetie Pea until he potty trains. I can't say that about all of the diapers we have! Sweets is on the largest rise setting right now because he is so long-waisted, and I generally have to double-stuff them because he has become a very heavy-wetter.

Each Happy Heiny comes with two super soft and absorbent microfiber inserts. The small one can be used by itself when your baby is tiny (and hence, you have adjusted the diaper to be tiny as well), the large one can be used by itself as your child grows, or you can use them together to give you maximum absorbency.

Soooooo clean and soft! The lining of the diaper is microfleece, which allows moisture to pass through it into the insert without your child feeling wet. The outer layer of the diaper is made of PUL, which is waterproof. For those of you who are unfamiliar with cloth diaper terminology, these are referred to as pocket diapers because of the opening in the back of the diaper that allows you to stuff it with inserts. They are great because a) you can put as much or as little absorbency inside as you need and b) because you pull the inserts out to wash and dry them, they tend to dry pretty quick. 

I really love the Happy Heinys. They go to the sitter's house every day with Sweets because they are so easy to use - with their simple Velcro closure they go on as quickly as a disposable. Drawbacks: because they are Velcro, they tend to stick together in the wash and untangling the diaper chain when they come out of the dryer can be a little time-consuming. And these occasionally wick moisture onto Sweets' clothes a bit more than some of our other brands, and I'm not totally sure why. I think it has something to do with the way the microfleece lining is sewn to the outer shell. And a disadvantage of all pocket diapers is that you have to spend some time stuffing all the inserts back in so they're ready to grab and use. I don't mind, though, I just plop myself on the couch and zone out to Grey's while I stuff diapers. 

My rating on a scale of 1 to 5: 

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