Saturday, February 11, 2012

My Little Parrot

I am just amazed at how Sweets' vocabulary is exploding! It is crazy how much he has picked up in one short week. And let me tell you, that kid is funny. He already knew the word mess, and can identify when something is a mess. So Thursday upon arriving home from work, we walked in the door to discover that our dog had gotten his teeth on some newspaper and logs that Hubs left near the wood stove and shredded them to bits all over the kitchen. Sweets immediately pointed and declared the situation "a mess!" to which I responded, "yup, doggy made a mess. A big mess." "BIG mess!" echoed my little parrot, and he proceeded to toddle around the kitchen while I cleaned up, pointing at every scrap of paper and wood and reminding me that it was "a BIG mess!" A few minutes later, my dad arrived to pick him up for his weekly sleepover at GaGa and PaPa's and I said, "tell PaPa what the doggy made," and sure enough, he chirped "a BIG mess!" I felt like we had a full-on conversation!

Other words of the week:
Dog poop (hmmm, his vocab is definitely pet-influenced!)
Mo (this is what he calls his sitter's daughter, Morgan)
ICE cold (hilarious! My hands are always super cold, and the other day he flinched as I was changing his diaper, and I said "I'm sorry, Mommy's hands are ice cold, aren't they?" and now he walks around saying "ICE cold!")
Granola (so random)
Here you go! (which is what I say when I hand him something)
Ella (his little buddy)
Baby (this he picked up from a few of his favorite books, don't get any ideas!)
And the crowning accomplishment: he was THIS close to saying "I love you" last night! It totally melted Hubs and I and turned us into complete mushballs. Because there's nothing in the whole world like hearing your child say he loves you.

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