Tuesday, June 18, 2013

On Books and Booty-Shakin'

I've recently discovered how much I enjoy listening to audio books in the car. It makes my half hour commute to and from work, as well as running errands and such so much more enjoyable. I've always been one to get lost in a good story, and making use of those wasted minutes in the car (when I'm by myself of course, not with the fam in tow) is a perfect way to do so.

My current listen is Patrick Swayze's autobiography, "The Time of My Life," which he co-wrote with his wife, and which he reads in the audio version. I'm a dork, so I have these little rules about my audiobooks; if I'm reading (as in, actually reading, not listening to) a fiction book, I like to listen to a non-fiction audiobook, and vice-versa. It helps me separate the two so I don't get confused. "The Time of My Life" was on display at my local library the last time I was there, so I nabbed it, having been a long time Swayze fan (have you seen North and South?) and I have to say I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Aside from the obvious perk of having Patrick read to me every day, I have learned a lot about a sensitive, hard-working, and complicated individual who truly did leave this earth too soon.

A perhaps unintended side-effect was that I now have the itch to revisit some of his classics, starting with Dirty Dancing. So I dusted off my collector's edition DVD and popped it in during Sweets' nap this past weekend. Hubs, who had never seen the movie all the way through, quickly became engrossed. We had finished the movie by the time Sweets woke up and were watching a behind-the-scenes special feature when he joined us in the living room. He yawned, rubbed the sleep from his eyes, then pointed to the screen...

...and declared, "Hey, she's shakin' her booty!" Well yes, yes she is. Who taught you that, son? A few moments later, the iconic lift appeared, and Sweets narrated again:

"Look, that girl is flying!"

Well, yeah, kinda. How about we turn the movie off and go play outside?! This is clearly why, when Sweets is awake and in need of a little downtime, our TV screen is dominated by cartoon critters or John Deere tractors. They teach valuable lessons, like "it's important to listen" and "everyone wins when you help out." As opposed to "this is how to shake your booty" ;-)  

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