Monday, December 30, 2013

Nursery Sneak Peek

I have officially completed as much of the baby's room as possible without knowing what's cookin' in there. Once he or she arrives I'll add some masculine or feminine touches as appropriate, but without further ado, here's what we've got so far!

The wall color is Benjamin Moore's Palladian Blue and I love it.

The crib is from Sweets' nursery, and the glider was a Christmas present from my parents.

The chest that is serving as a changing table has been in my family for generations. It has earned the nickname "the monster" because it is so heavy and awkward to move, but I am completely obsessed with it and hope I always have a place for it in my home.

This is the first upstairs bedroom we've decorated in our house and I think the slanted ceilings and dormer windows make it very charming.

I made and ordered this print for the wall between the window and changing table, 
but it hasn't arrived yet.

I like to joke that I have a thing for "old crap" - I love beat up old furniture, especially when I can revamp it for my own purposes. This little sewing table was thrifted, painted and distressed to be a pop of color in the room. And colorful it is! It may have turned out a little brighter than I anticipated!

I have a daybed cover coming for the twin bed, but it's on backorder. In the meantime, I made it up with some spare bedding and anticipate sleeping up there with the baby in the rock 'n play for the first little bit after we come home.

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