Saturday, June 4, 2011

Motherhood by the numbers

6: number of months it took us to get pregnant
276: number of days our baby boy lived in my belly
24: number of pounds I gained while pregnant
13: number of hours I was in labor, start to finish
0: number of interventions I had during labor
35: number of minutes it took to push our son into the world
1: number of seconds it took me to fall madly in love with him
109: number of days of glorious maternity leave I took
3: average number of hours of sleep I got per night after Sweets came home
40: number of pounds I lost when my thyroid went cuckoo postpartum
2: number of cup sizes I went up while breastfeeding
48: number of minutes per day I spend pumping
10: current number of ounces I pump daily
390: number of ounces of breastmilk I have been able to freeze
11: number of hours Sweets is currently sleeping at night (BOOYAH!)
7: number of hours I work outside our home, Monday-Friday
1442: approximate number of diapers I've changed since Sweets was born
4: number of Cheerios I find in random places every day
9? number of minutes I have to myself on a daily basis
24: number of hours in a day
7473639: number of hours in a day I feel like I need to get everything done
308: number of days since Sweetie Pea was born
308: number of days I have loved being his mama
57: number of days until he turns ONE


  1. <3 this post - numbers fascinate me!

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  4. What a cool post! Especially love the # of hours in a day you feel like you need. Same here.

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