Monday, June 20, 2011

On Having a Baby Boy

When I saw those double lines on that little white pregnancy test at 5 am on Thanksgiving morning, I had an instant and overwhelming love for my microscopic future child. It was crazy. Little could I know that love would pale in comparison to the love I would feel when he was placed in my arms. Early on, well before that telling 20 week ultrasound, we both just had a gut feeling we were having a boy. I can't explain it - we just knew. When the ultrasound tech got to "that" region of the baby's anatomy and confirmed our hunch, we were both just like "yeah, we know." I think I would have fallen off the table if she said it was a girl. As the news spread that Baby G was a boy, I got lots of comments along the lines of "A boy! How exciting! Are you ok with that?" "I'm sure your husband is thrilled!" and "You're such a girlie girl, I can't believe you're having a boy!" Now. My extensive collection of heels, purses, nail polish and pencil skirts attests to the truth of that last statement. I am a girl's girl. And it's true, I always thought ohmygosh, I have to have a girl at some point. But from the second the ultrasound tech said "it's a boy!", and every second thereafter, I have adored being a little boy's mama. It is awesome. I would have a dozen more boys (ask me if this is true say, six years from now). There's just something about having a son that is so special (and all of the clothes that say "I love my Mommy," "Mommy's Big Guy," and "Mommy's Best Friend" don't hurt either ;-). 

None of this is to say that I wouldn't happily welcome a little sister into the picture in the future, because obviously that would thrill us as well. But there's a tremendous sense of peace that comes from knowing that whether we have 2 kids or 12 (I highly doubt this is a reality), 2 boys, or 1 boy and 11 girls, our family is exactly what it's supposed to be.

Don't worry, Hubs was right behind him on this little adventure. Speaking of Hubs, he thinks this outfit makes Sweets look like a girl. He actually referred to it as a dress. I said, "it's a romper, gosh! Get the lingo down." A very spiffy little madras romper. Not a dress. Boys don't know ;-) 


  1. I knew mine was a boy too. I just knew it. And I was right. And this time around, I just knew it was a girl and I was right again. Everyone blows it off when you say "Oh, I knew" but I think sometimes somehow you just do.

    Adorable romper, btw :)

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  2.'m with hubs on this one ;-) I know pink is now a highly fashionable guy color's a very feminine looking outfit. Or, let's say Euro, shall we?

  3. I found out I was preggo the day before you did! I felt the same way. I just knew I wanted a girl. Partly because I am too a huge girlie girl. But also because I already had a little girl and knew what to expect. I use to think to myself, what would I do with a little boy? But as soon as I found out that he indeed was a boy, I embraced my reality!