Saturday, June 18, 2011

There should really be a law...

...against being this cute! I could die from the overwhelming adorableness that is Sweets in his swimming gear - rash guard, trunks, bucket hat and a gallon of SPF 50. You'd think we were going surfing on the surface of the sun instead of to the pool club for the first time. I have the best summer memories from when I was growing up of lazy afternoons spent at my parent's pool club; smelling like chlorine, swimming like a fish and coming home ravenously hungry and tired from all the exercise. That's why I'm ridiculously excited that my parents gifted us with a membership this summer. Not that Sweetie Pea will remember it, but I hope it lays the groundwork for many future summers spent at the pool! It's good, clean, American fun :-)

Hmm, ok, this seems alright.

Hello. Could he get any CUTER?

That's cold Mama!

Fun with the fountain.


  1. Your little boy is so cute! I have a 5 month old baby boy myself. :) Stopping by for Toddle Along Tuesday!

  2. So so cute! I love the rash guard. We just got one, can't wait to take our little girl swimming!

    Thanks for linking up to Toddle Along Tuesday at Growing Up Geeky and Our Growing Garden!