Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Everyone is allowed to be annoyed every now and then, right? Please allow me a few minutes to rant about life's minor annoyances that have got me down at the moment.

I'm annoyed that my kid has been getting up before 6 am this week. When you factor in the time change, that feels an awful lot like 5 am, and that is unacceptable. STOP IT.

I'm annoyed that at the ripe old age of 30, I have two chronic medical conditions that require my attention, and, eventually, a decision (possibly a surgical one). I'm annoyed that my immune system is attacking my thyroid gland, causing it to overproduce thyroid hormone as a defense mechanism, and I'm really annoyed that my endocrinologist is pushing me so hard to have it removed. I'm annoyed that no matter which decision I make I will always have to manage my thyroid hormone levels with medication. I'm annoyed that a work-related injury to my wrist like a million years ago has come back to haunt me and I can't lift, bathe, or dress my child without pain. I'm annoyed that my only treatment options are physical therapy (which I don't have time for, and which, for the record, didn't work the first time around), or surgery (again. blech). I've already had 3 cortizone injections so they can't give me any more, not that I'd want one, because OMG childbirth hurt less than those suckers. And I'm really annoyed that after wearing my big, clunky wrist brace all day, rubbing muscle cream into my wrist 3 times a day, popping ibuprofen like candy, and icing it every night, my wrist feels no better at the end of the day than it did at the start.

Oh, and I'm annoyed that toddler shoes are so expensive.

The End.


  1. omg...is this your wrist injury from Wegmans?! That was like a million years ago. Suck-o. Suck-o to the thyroid too :(

  2. Yes! Can you believe it's back? Started when J was about 9 months old - the dr. shot me up with cortizone again, but it's not holding up :( Boo. And boo on thyroids. Who needs 'em?