Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Scoop Dirt!

This has been the wackiest weather winter ever - hardly any significant snow to speak of, and here we are in March and the forecast is calling for 80 degrees by next week! Whaaaat? Not that I'm complaining, of course. It's been the cure we need for cabin fever. Every day after work Sweets, the dog and I clomp outside to chase toys, chase each other, and point out every stick and piece of dirt in the yard. Seventeen times ;) This kid can't get enough of being "side" (outside), and I love that about him! This past weekend we spent some time trying to clean up our winter-ravaged yard:

Sweets is a boys' boy. He loves tractors, trucks, dirt, messes and his mama. We gave him this little green shovel and he seriously spent like a good half hour playing in a dirt pile. Whenever we asked him what he was doing, he'd say "scoop dirt!" 

Taking a break from all that scooping by sitting on the trailer with Dada in their matching work pants and rubber boots. How did my little baby get SO big?

He ended up with a splinter from sitting on the wooden bed of the trailer, but I didn't even see it. Two days later at his sitter's, he kept wiping his hand on his shirt and saying "ooochie!" She realized he had an ouchie in his hand, removed it, and doctored him up with some Neosporin. At dinner that night, he repeatedly held his "ooochie" out to me for kisses and I died from the adorableness.

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  1. awwhh! i have a boys boy too. when he's not scooping dirt with his millions of backhoe's, excavators, tractors, etc, he is scooping snow or beans [we made a giant box inside and filled it with soup beans] or sand.

    love the boots!!!!!