Sunday, March 18, 2012

What Child Is This?

This morning, Sweets did something so uncharateristic, so bizarre, so astoundingly unlike him that I momentarily questioned his identity. We've really been trying to be better about getting to church on a regular basis. It's important to us, we just find that at the end of a long week we're constantly battling the temptation to stay in bed as long as our toddler will let us, cook a big Sunday breakfast and veg out. Plus, our church streams all of their services live, so we often justify our laziness by watching it online. But with the gorgeous spring weather we've been having, it's been a lot easier to get up and at 'em, so this morning we managed to have our Sunday breakfast and get our butts out the door on time. Here's Sweets and Hubs right before we left:

OMG, the matching plaid button-downs!

Upon arriving at church, we signed Sweets in to the toddler room, but at the last minute decided to keep him with us for worship, since he loves the music. So there we are, enjoying the worship, when I look over at Hubs and Sweets and see that his eyes are heavy. Ok....what? It's only been a few hours since he woke up. Surely he's going to bounce back any second, I think. A minute later, his head falls onto Hubs shoulder and he's out.cold. Let me just say that our church really rocks workship - drums, electric guitars, keyboards, bass turned up, the whole shebang. And this is a child who won't fall asleep in the car, in our bed, in his stroller, or at someone else's house. I actually checked to make sure he was breathing. And as if that wasn't enough, he stayed asleep through the music stopping, Hubs sitting down, the pastor talking, and scattered applause and laughter. And he slept through almost the whole service. I am baffled. And I couldn't help but wonder if any other moms may have noticed my passed out child and thought "oh she's so lucky, her kid will sleep through anything" ('cause that's totally what I would have been thinking). Not true, my friend, not true at all!


  1. Church is all about miracles - yay God and yay sweets! (Incidentally, I canNOT believe how much hair he has - is he running for president yet? it can't be long now...)

  2. He can't run for president before you do! Remember, we talked about you appointing me Chief of Fashion? ;) So get on that!