Thursday, March 22, 2012


Ever since Sweetie Pea was an infant, counting has just been a normal part of my daily chatter to him. How many socks is Mommy putting on your feet? One, two! Two socks! How many doggies are on your shirt? How many eyes do you have? And so on. So he's had the concept of "two" down for awhile now, and recently he's been counting to four pretty predictably (we practice on snacks - he loves to count out his Gerber Fruit and Veggie Melts. He calls them "dots" and whenever he sees the package he exclaims "count dots!"). Today I was sitting on the floor folding some diapers and he was running around with one in each hand saying "two, two, two!" which I thought was really cute, so I grabbed my camera, hoping to capture the moment. I nearly fell over when he kept counting, and counting, and counting!

I'm not totally sure where my child learned to count to TEN. Yes, we've been working on counting and numbers, but in much smaller increments. It just goes to show you that he listens to everything we say and the crazy part is that he recalls it so easily! I have probably watched this video 47 times in a row, because it just astounds me!