Tuesday, October 8, 2013

27 Weeks

How far along? 
27 weeks

How big is baby? 
Hm...it seems we're back to the rutabega/cauliflower scenario again. The source that said it was a rutabega last time now says cauliflower and vice-versa.

Total weight gain?
Up 14 1/2 pounds total

Maternity clothes?
 Absolutely, and wondering if I'm going to make it 3 more months without investing in a few more pieces

Can't complain! Sweets has been a dreamy little sleeper for several weeks in a row (furiously knocking on wood!!!) and it's been sooooooo nice

Best moment of the week?
A rainy Saturday spent with family, curled up in a big recliner, relaxing for hours at a time - hours! That never happens!

Food cravings?
 Um. I have had two more pumpkin spice iced coffees since my last post. I think that qualifies as a craving!

Food aversions?

 Nothing out of the ordinary. I'm feeling awfully large lately. And tired. Yesterday I totally dozed off in Sweets' bed for a good 20 minutes while he happily played with his train table in his room. That was a nice little nap!

 OMG. Yesterday evening I swear this baby was sitting on my stomach as if it were a bench and bouncing up and down. I felt physically unwell from the constant movement...when I woke up this morning he or she had clearly gotten into some other crazy position that's made me a bit short of breath today. Hey kid, remember when we talked about head down? Could we work on that?

 Savoring the anticipation!

What I’m looking forward to?
My haircut on Saturday - it's time for something different! 

What I miss?
Being able to put my shoes on without feeling like a stuffed sausage

Weekly Wisdom?
I know. You're sick of it. But drink your water anyway.

Hubs and I are celebrating six years of marriage this week :) 

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