Tuesday, October 15, 2013

28 Weeks

How far along? 
28 weeks. Um. That's the THIRD trimester, folks!

How big is baby? 
The size of an eggplant, tipping the scales at approximately 2 1/2 pounds!

Total weight gain?
I forgot to check before sitting down to write this and I'm sure as heck not getting up to do so ;)

Maternity clothes?
 Scored a pair of Pea in the Pod leggings this week for $5 - I love a good deal

So it turns out there's a fine line between wretched and sublime and that line is 28 weeks and a sick kiddo. Overnight, the third tri complaints showed up - hard to get comfortable, sore back and hips, breathlessness, heartburn...and if I can manage to overcome those, my poor little man's coughing keeps me up all night. 

Best moment of the week?
It hasn't been the best week, sadly. Sweets had a nasty flu-like virus over the weekend and even though that was awful, it was nice to have a three day weekend to snuggle with him

Food cravings?
 Cookies...I've baked two weeks in a row. First the NY Times ultimate chocolate chip cookie recipe, and yes, it was ultimate. Then a very tasty pumpkin chocolate chip recipe - yum!

Food aversions?

The aforementioned sleep woes are my biggest complaint this week. That, and the fact that I got a major haircut this weekend and I am really, really missing my hair. I blame the pregnancy hormones for the fact that I'm in mourning over 6 inches of hair. 

 All the time, and lots of hiccups lately too.

 No clue, but so excited for our friends J and W, who just found out they're expecting a sweet baby girl in February!

What I’m looking forward to?
My hair growing back 

What I miss?
Sleep. When sleeps goes, it's always the first thing I miss.

Weekly Wisdom?
The unsung hero of the medicine cabinet = Tylenol suppositories. It seriously pays to have them on hand for flu season, take my word for it!

Entering the last trimester - that's SO crazy! Only 12 weeks (give or take) to go! 

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