Monday, October 14, 2013

Preschool Selfies

So, my kid has figured out how to use Photobooth on my ipad to take pictures of his own cute little mug ;) One day he was messing around on it, playing one of his games, when I heard the tell-tale "snap shot" sound and he squealed with delight. Now on any given day, when I open my photos, there are no less than 200 sequential pictures documenting a 4 minute span of time. But it's ok, because it means I end up with gems like these:

"What is this app of sheer amazement???"

"I must up the cheese factor."

Lovely. He is a boy, after all ;)

"Wait...there are photo effects?"

A little Picasso-esque.

Because an open-mouth shot is not enough, we must add the "night vision" filter...

Ok now this is just creepy in a Poltergeist kind of way.

Mommy cameo! Waking up in our cabin in the woods in August :)

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