Friday, February 20, 2015

Cole at One Year

I know, I know, he's almost 14 months old, but I wanted to do a one year post to capture this adorable phase in his life. Because really, everything he does right now is adorable

One Year Stats: 
Height: 29 inches/25th percentile
Weight: 21 lbs, 7 oz/29th percentile
Wears: Size 12 - 18 month clothes and is moving into a size 5 shoe

Likes: Food, eating, anything related to food and eating, being chased, being tickled, photos of people he recognizes, mirrors, emptying EVERYthing, blankie, binkie, peek-a-boo, the dog, messing up anything his big brother is playing with and walking on his own two feet ;)

Dislikes: Diaper changes (how DARE you make me stay still!), long car rides, hats, mittens, and waiting for food to be served (this includes all of the time it takes to prepare a meal. Any meal). 

Accomplishments: So very proud of his newfound walking skills! His favorite word is ball. Everything is a ball right now. He also says "Ma-Ma, Da-Da, Brub-er (brother), Bubba (his buddy next door), Blue, Uh-Oh, and roars like a tiger. He has mastered the straw cup and is pretty good at using a fork and spoon. He points to what he notices or wants, and has finally, FINALLY, settled into a decent sleep pattern in which he puts himself to sleep and generally sleeps all night.  

Dear Sweet Baby Boy,

You are growing so fast it makes my head spin. I remember so vividly this time last year, when you and I were snuggled up in our cozy warm house with your brother while the winter wore on and on. You were just a tiny bug then; now here we are with the snow piled up and the cold wind whipping again, and you are constantly on the move. But you still like to snuggle, bless your sweet little heart. You come careening at me throughout the day, the biggest grin on your face, so tickled to find yourself upright and powered by your own two feet, and just crash into me wanting kisses and hugs. When you're sleepy, you bury your face on my shoulder and breathe in Blankie's smell and your whole body relaxes. Let's talk about Blankie for a minute. You drag him behind you all day long and he's usually covered in dog hair and smells like baby spit and boogers, but man, do you love that thing! I secretly love it too, because it smells like sweet sleepy you, and because you think it's so funny when we play peek-a-boo with Blankie. Perhaps the only thing you love more than Blankie is food. Oh, your love affair with food! I've never seen a baby eat with such relish, and I'm pretty sure I could serve you sand from the sandbox and you would gobble it up and ask for more. Please don't ever lose your sense of culinary adventure! It thrills me, and cracks me up. 

Everything is wondrous to you right now. Everything is interesting and new, and worthy of exploration. I love seeing the world through your eyes, hearing your belly laughs, and kissing your soft dough-cheeks. I can't wait until spring is here, and all of us can take you outside and watch you toddle around the world and discover everything your brother loves. There is so much waiting for us, Sweet Bug. The sun on our faces, your first ice cream cone, your feet in the sand somewhere, and lots of chasing you through the grass. You brighten our days so much, little boy! We can't imagine our lives without you.

Love, kisses, (and food) forever,

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