Friday, July 22, 2011

Bump Buddies

Being pregnant, in and of itself, was awe.some. I loved every single second of it, and even though I was so excited to meet my baby, I was sad to see it end. But I was also fortunate enough to be pregnant at the same time as two very close friends, which made the whole experience even more fun! If you've never done this before, I highly recommend it ;-)

Here's me and my friend C at 13 and 36-ish weeks, respectively. This was taken at her baby shower - it seems like forever ago! Since she was so close to being done by the time I got pregnant, she was like my pregnancy tour guide, passing on all kinds of hard-won wisdom ;-) 

In the blink of an eye, we both had babies in our arms! How CUTE is Sweets' buddy Baby A???

Ok. Let me explain. This is me at 30 weeks, with my friend M at 27 weeks. It was twin day at school, we did NOT normally dress alike! It rocked working together every day and sharing the pregnancy highs (I felt the baby move!) and lows (I had heartburn so evil it kept me up all night). Plus we always had someone who understood our pregnancy-induced paranoia.

August babies! Sweets at 1 month old and his little buddy Baby E at 1 week old.

Now it just so happens that M's brother and my brother are BFFs (do men have BFFs?) and they joked all throughout our pregnancies that M better have a girl (she didn't know what she was having) to marry my son and complete the family circle. Well I can't say if that will happen or not, but if it did, we would have the most adorable baby pictures of them together for their wedding slideshow ;-)

So thanks ladies for sharing the journey with me! When would you like to schedule Round 2?

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  1. how awesome to have a pregnancy twin who you could even dress like at school?!!!