Sunday, July 10, 2011

Party planning fail

I posted here that I'm planning to have pulled pork, beans, pasta salad and cornbread for Sweetie Pea's first birthday next month. Most of that I'm not worried about making - I have tried and true recipes for them. But I wanted to do something different with the cornbread - Jiffy mix is great in a pinch, but it tends to be kinda dry and boring. A few weeks ago I clipped a recipe out of a magazine for sweet potato chipotle cornbread that I thought sounded really good, despite the fact that Hubs gave me the "if you say so honey" face when I mentioned it to him. Clearly, it needed a test run. So today I baked up a batch and it was awful. I'm still annoyed about it, because I hate wasting my time and ingredients on a recipe that ends up tasting like wallpaper paste. I would have been embarassed to serve this to my guests. It was moist, I'll give it that. But that's the only good thing I can say about it. Otherwise, it was completely flavorless (which is bizarre for a recipe that calls for both cumin and a diced chipotle pepper in adobe sauce) and lacking in that trademark cornbread texture. I attribute this to the fact that there was more regular flour in it than cornmeal. Even Hubs didn't finish his sample piece and he'll eat anything.

SO. I need a delicious cornbread recipe. Do you have one? I'd love if you'd share! Oh, and if you know of any uses for this nasty sweet potato brick, please share those as well.  


  1. I might have one, actually! I have the Dinosaur BBQ cookbook, which I believe has a cornbread recipe in it. So far, every recipe I've made from the book has been AMAZING...but I have yet to try the cornbread. I'll see if it really exists and send it along to you :)

  2. That would rock my little world! I LOVE Dinosaur's cornbread. I'll trade you for my carrot cupcake recipe, once I determine the perfect one :)