Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dear Molars

Has anyone ever told you that you are the devil? You have transformed my sweet little baby into an uncomfortable, miserable, whiny grumpster who refuses to let me put him down, boycotts his naps, and thinks 5 am is an appropriate time to wake up for the day. As a result, you have transformed me into an overtired, cranky mama who can't get anything done during the day so she stays up way too late after her kiddo is in bed and is therefore grossly unprepared for her 5 am wake-up call. So if you could hurry up and come in so we can get back to our rockin' summer vacation wherein everyone is happy and rested, I'd appreciate it. Kthanks.



  1. Double boo! What does he need them for now anyway? He's not eating steak ;-)